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Is the independent UK specialist for plastic pallet boxes, dolavs, magnums and plastic bins with 20 years experience serving the UK.

Guaranteed to be the greatest value deal in the UK.

5 star serviceThe five star service is supported by intelligent practical industry advice our independent status ensures the best UK price. Our objective is to ensure we meet your pallet box requirements of condition and functional specification within your budget.

Pallet boxes:
manufacturing within facilities certified under ISO 9001 QA system
Excellent used

We can supply independently moulded pallet boxes to order and brands:
schoeller allibert [schoeller arca systems] - big box and magnums
dolav - classic 1000 and ace
allibert - geo box
jcoplastic icoplastic - pallet box
auer - pallet box


We look forward to working with you to understand and satisfy your business requirements.